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Already a qualified diver? Dive with HWSAC!

We actively encourage new members and offer in house training for beginners and diver training progression for already qualified divers. Divers from other organisations are more than welcome to join the club. It doesn’t matter who you trained with, if you’ve never dived in the UK before or if you haven’t dived for a while – the doors are open to all. Join us!

Joining High Wycombe Sub Aqua Club could be a great way to maintain and develop your scuba skills. We have a great programme of diving trips, holidays and social events for you to get involved with and we meet every week.

Formed in 1965 we currently have around 65 members. The club meets up on a Thursday night at Wycombe Leisure Centre for training or just a swim. On a Tuesday night, once a month, we organise Big Tuesday social events (talks, BBQs, curry nights, quizzes etc.).

Our members have a variety of diving interests (wrecks, Tech, critters big and small, photography etc.) to suit everybody’s needs.

Training takes place all year round and we have an active diving program which runs from April to October.

Join us today!

Coming to us from another agency?

Several of our current members have joined the club this way and have been active and happy club members for many years.

You can dive on your existing diver qualification (with its limitations) or you continue your diver training with BSAC. The choice is yours we’re and happy to discuss your options in more detail.

We would need to verify your qualification and do a ‘check out’ dive in the pool and maybe in open water dependant on when you last dived before you can dive for real.

If you would like to further your training, your existing diver grade (with PADI, SSI or another agency) will be recognised so you can progress to the next higher BSAC grade (no need to retrain, you can simply progress). Check what your qualification is equivalent to with the BSAC equivalency chart. And you can check out your diver training progression options with the BSAC Diver training progression chart. The training is very similar, with maybe a little more self-reliance under BSAC. More on BSAC Training.

Coming back to BSAC diving or moving from another BSAC club?

We would need to verify your qualification and do a ‘check out’ dive in the pool and maybe in open water dependant on when you last dived before you can dive for real.

Dependant on when you last dived, there might be some additional training requirements for you to undertake or you might decide that it has been so long since you last dived, you want to start again!!

The club offers training up to BSAC Advanced Diver level without seeking assistance from the BSAC regional coaching team.

Either way we would be pleased to help you out – We are a safe, active and friendly local dive club.

Go on, get back into diving with HWSAC!!

If you decide to train with the club you will be trained under the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) training schemes. At the end of the training, you will have an internationally-recognised qualification. More on BSAC Training.

What do you get from BSAC / HWSAC membership?

Should you wish to join High Wycombe Sub-Aqua Club, we can provide the following:

  • Nationally qualified instructors, dive leaders and dive organisers.
  • A friendly social environment for training, diving and recreation.
  • Fellow divers / buddies to dive with.
  • Equipment hire, boat, compressor etc. for training and diving.
  • Free air fills from the club compressor.
  • Cheap Nitrox fills from the club compressor.
  • Free swimming/pool access at Handy Cross pool on Thursday evenings.
  • Regular Branch meetings, training courses, open water dives and diving holidays.
  • Various Skill Development Course. (Practical Rescue Management, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Boat Handling).

A number of different memberships levels are available from both BSAC and HWSAC to meet individual requirements (e.g. Full, snorkel, swim and social etc.).
Once you have joined BSAC you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • 12 monthly copies of BSAC’s ‘Scuba’ dive magazine (online or paper).
  • Third Party Liability Insurance – not holiday diving insurance.
  • Access to all other BSAC member services.
  • BSAC organised National and Regional Skill Development Courses and Instructor Training.

BSAC diver training

  • 16 years of age is the HWSAC minimum.
  • BSAC allows training from 10 years of age, but with certain depth / task restrictions.
  • BSAC rules currently state that no new member may take part in any SCUBA or open water activity without a completed Self-Declaration Medical Form appropriate to their class of membership. A Self-Declaration Medical From is valid for one year and is required at each annual membership renewal.
  • If you do not meet the Self-Declaration requirements you will have to be signed off by a BSAC approved Diving Doctor before you can dive for real.

There is no maximum age limit for either a Try Dive or Diving as long as you meet the current self-declaration medical requirements.

Kit rental

HWSAC can hire out some of the major or more expensive items of scuba equipment. (BCDs, Regulators, Cylinders etc.) at very reasonable rates.

Take the plunge!

If you are interested in meeting us and finding out more, please do come along to the Wycombe pool and say hello!

The club meets every Thursday evening from around 8:30pm till 10:30pm at the Handy Cross Wycombe Leisure Centre.

Get in touch to arrange a visit

Contact us to arrange a visit or to come diving with us! Find out where High Wycombe Sub Aqua Club could take your diving and social life!

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