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Come and dive with friends

We are a long established, active and friendly BSAC dive club based in High Wycombe at the Wycombe Leisure Centre (Handy Cross).

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Welcome to High Wycombe Sub Aqua Club

We are a long established, active and friendly BSAC dive club based in High Wycombe at the Wycombe Leisure Centre (Handy Cross).

We meet at the Leisure Centre (pool area) every Thursday night from 20:30 and offer Try Dives, Skill Refreshers and training up to BSAC Advanced Diver level.

If you want to give Scuba Diving a go or get back into it, please contact us – It would be lovely to hear from you.

With the current Covid 19 restrictions and our desire to follow social distancing best practise can you please contact us via email or phone if you just want to come down for a chat and please bring along a face mask.

Book a Try Dive

We offer Try Dives every Thursday evening at the Wycombe Leisure Centre (LC) with one weeks notice to book.

We rent one half of the LC pool every Thursday evening for members and training, so plenty of room to have a lovely little pootle around under water in a very safe environment.

The session starts at around 20:30 and finish at around 23.00 (exit the pool around 22:15)

The try dives cost £30 (Jan 2023) which includes entry to the LC and use of all the kit.

At the end you will be given a Try Dive certificate to proudly put on the wall

We also offer Group Try Dives for scouts, girl rangers etc. at discount rates (£25)

Book a Try Dive
  • What do you need to bring?
  • - Swimming kit.
  • - T-Shirt you don’t mind getting wet.
  • - A padlock for the leisure centre lockers (slightly bigger than a standard suitcase).
  • - Monies, cash / card / phone preferred although Bank Transfer to the club account is available.
  • - 50p cash for the multi-storey car park

What our members say...

‘Learning to dive with HWSAC was one of the best decisions we ever made. We've enjoyed amazing diving across the UK and all over the world ever since - and it all started with a try dive at Wycombe pool. I had to be one of the most nervous students ever but with the patience and encouragement of the lovely training team I soon mastered my fears and all the skills needed for safe and happy diving. Better still we've made lifelong friends to enjoy it all with.’ 

Amanda Chandler - member since 2009

‘HWSAC was a great place to learn to dive for the first time. They were enormously helpful, knowledgeable and keen to help others learn.’

Anonymous - member since 2020”

‘Since I joined fresh out of PADI school everyone has been really friendly and helpful in continuing to extend my diving horizons. Training in the pool and various open water sites combined with regular trips round the UK have been fantastic to showcase what UK diving has to offer.’

Guy Pethybridge - member since 2017

'We are back from our dive trip to Roatan, which was amazing - highly recommend it - we can tell you all about it next time we see you at the club. We just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a big thank you for the thoroughness of our training!! We felt well prepared and confident to dive the way we'd been taught - e.g. doing a buddy check even though no one else was doing one! We think the safety focus of the training meant we felt more relaxed and confident in the water and to us, the BSAC training is the gold standard, having previously done both PADI and SSI. If in doubt, we would say to each other "what would Len/Amanda/Chris do?" Thanks guys!'

Nick & Nic - members since 2022

‘Feedback from a Diving Holiday after learning to dive with HWSAC. There were 3 days I dived without Nick (ear troubles) & I had your advice echoing in my head as I politely, but firmly, suggested my buddy talked me through her kit. I could see her thinking "oh yeah, buddy system". We had the confidence to sort ourselves out, adjust our depth to stay within our personal limits, monitor our own gas, figure out what on earth our computers were telling us (not easy!), question kit niggles, tinker with our weighting, hold hands in strong current and generally be independent. When I was warned my inflator could be sticky I knew exactly how I'd handle it (fortunately it was fine). Meanwhile we saw turtles, dolphins, rays, a seahorse, swam amongst shoals of dory and so much more. Totally hooked. You guys have been awesome all the way through and we'll keep saying thank you because all of you who give your time and experience so generously are brilliant.’

Nic - member since 2022

'Excellent place to learn to dive or keep fresh on skills, broad range of divers and equipment available with free air fill for members'

Andrew D

'Did a try dive yesterday. Introduced by a friend who has been a member of BSAC for years. My first time ever scuba diving. Adam was a great instructor, super clear and really encouraging. Had a blast and really keen to do some more, so I’ll definitely be back!'

Will H

'I went on a try dive with a mate and we had a great time, they were all really friendly and Adam is a really professional instructor, making you feel very at ease. We're definitely going again. I highly recommend having a go.'

Stuart B

'I decided at the start of the new year I wanted to learn how to scuba diving and found out they offer classes at the High Wycombe leisure centre which is where I go to the gym. After emailing Len to book the try dive, I met my instructor Adam at reception who took me poolside to talk me through the agenda of the night, the equipment, safety, signals etc. We started with snorkelling which I was totally new to and did struggle a bit but Adam helped me through it. Then came the highlight of the night which was putting on the (quite heavy) tank on your inflatable vest and going down into the water. I must say breathing through the mouthpiece is a lot easier than the snorkel tube. The instructors are constantly by your side always asking if you're ok and are very clear when explaining things to you. I would definitely recommend HWSAC and the try dive and I am going on to do the Ocean Diver course with them'

Will B