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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Dive Tales

Trip Report: Kimmeridge
Boat: Dun Bailin
Date: 25-26 August 2007

Dive Sites: 
Warbarrow Tout
Chapmans Pool
Sea Caves
Kimmeridge Ledges

After the  multi day event at Kimmeridge over the May bank holiday was cut short by the start of the British summer, hopes of a different outcome over the August bank holiday were slim.   However, the weather forecasters started promising a good weekend 5 days in advance and so expectations rose as 15 divers joined the bank holiday exodus down the M3/ M27 for the weekend.

The boat was successfully launched from Kimmeridge each day, giving plenty of time to complete four separate dive runs on both Saturday and Sunday.    Saturday saw 12 divers rummaging around the ledges, sea caves and boulder fields between Kimmeridge and Chapmans Pool.   Visibility was good (4-6m), the water was (relatively) warm, the sea was flat and the sun was blazing from a cloudless sky.   A good day’s diving was completed and even those on shore were kept busy with sun tan lotion and shifting kit around.

Sunday followed a very similar pattern, with 10 divers going west from Kimmeridge towards Warbarrow Bay, although this time with slightly more excitement in store.  The day started with the dive party surprising laughs and finger pointing as an unfortunate group launched their RIB 3 meters short of the water line, requiring all hands to help “lift” the boat into the water (on the plus side, the hull will no longer require scraping clean!).   The first of several dives on the Blackhawk had mixed success – no wreck, however a sailing boat benefited from the services of Rob Taylor and Amanda Radley who were tasked to find and recover a trapped anchor in nearby Mupe Bay.   2 following dives successfully found the Blackhawk, with viz reported upto 8m and a wealth of life on the wreck – crab, several rays and a dogfish all spotted.   The final dive was completed at Warbarrow Tout, with a large shoal of trigger fish being the prized spot for that dive.

So, a long weekend with 42 dives completed in near perfect diving conditions successfully closed at 5:30 on Sunday evening having qualified an Ocean Diver (Tamara Pearce), completed several other higher grade lessons and given several people their first experiences on both the RIB and in UK coastal waters.

Thanks to all the divers, crew and shore party for helping the weekend run smoothly and providing an impressive BBQ at the campsite on Saturday night (scallops in cream, white wine and onions, washed down with various wines – very civilised!).

Dive Party: 
Simon Fennell
Claire Fennell
Pete Mowatt 
Jane Mowatt
Rob Taylor
Amanda Radley
Gary Howard
Steve Wilkins
John Young
Tamara Pearce
John Comley
Vicki Billings
Dave Richardson
Dan Miller
Andy Harrison
Sean Salter

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